Series Review: Dragon Ball Super – Episode 129

Episode 129 – “Limits Super Surpassed! Ultra Instinct Mastered!!”

The build-up to the current obligatory protagonist power-up, exacerbated by an extended broadcast break, kept viewers locked in agonized suspense. Saddle up, folks–the moment has arrived and, once again, we ride into the ever-fantasticating world of Saiyan transformations.

Before the title card scarcely has a chance to spoil the episode’s contents, one notices a substantial uptick in visual quality. In keeping with tradition, Toei showers the final battle with extra love and attention–a bittersweet Dragon Ball convention rearing its battle-worn face once again. Somehow, after the mid-episode break, the production team re-surpasses the Limits, powering up from ten-year-old fan art to something resembling Toriyama’s original intent–a veritable Super Saiyan animation transformation.

Animators: “Toriyama-sensei, can we please take off our blindfolds for this transformation?” Toriyama: “I suppose. But just this once!”

Goku approaches his “probably, no, definitely… absolute last chance” to surpass his Limits, attain Godhood, and master his most ultra of instincts (his “risking the erasure of Universe 7 for the sake of a good fight” instincts). Only a disingenuous reviewer could poo-poo the impact of the punchy-punch-kick-kick-blast-explosion-shounen-resplendence that assaults the optic nerves for twenty consecutive minutes. The audience can only nod in agreement as the Zany Zenohs mime Goku’s kamehameha, the defeated contestants ooh and ah, and every other character restates the unfolding badassery and/or comments on the battlers’ general Super Surpassing of the Limits.

Jiren, a sentient wedge of beef jerky, demonstrates his ability to pummel his opponent by simply puffing out his chest. To counter, Goku flaunts his newfound capacity for yelling in two octave tones at once (a thoughtful throwback to his Super Saiyan 1 transformation scene). Belmod and company explain that Jiren’s standard “frown and say nothing” mode actually exemplifies his uncanny ability to deconstruct his opponents’ fighting styles. As such, the Purple Pulverizer sees through Goku’s techniques and proceeds to pummel him into a steaming pile of Instict.

“Emotionless Bastard Bosom Bash!”

The Twins summarize the events for all the five-year-olds in the audience: “Goku’s super amazing… but Jiren’s super, super amazing!” Nevertheless, Goku, via his Mastery, scores some tactical headway against Jiren’s Hyper Omega Charizard mode. Incidentally, the Zenohs have mastered their signature move as well–a technique capable of spoiling even the tensest of atmospheres: The Jar Jar Binks Irritation Cannon.

The Zenoh Twins surpassing the Limits of our patience.

The remainder of the episode surges along with some of Super‘s most intense action sequences since the show’s inception (and Toriyama demonstrates his new fondness for making his characters batter each other with mind-powers). Nonetheless, and visual effects aside, the fight follows the standard Dragon Ball End of Arc formula:

  • Macho posturing/staredowns: Check.
  • Increased animation budget: Check.
  • New Saiyan transformation: Check.
  • Confirmation of Goku’s surpassed Limits by minor characters: Check.
  • A blue wall of ki pushing against a red wall of ki: Check.
  • Supercharged techniques: Check.
  • A new spin on the “five-minute battle” (~eight episodes by Freeza Saga standards): Checkity-check.

Toei lines up the tropes as Jiren and Goku trade their first blows of the finale. The end-result–a stunning display of kaleidoscopic combat. Yet with the sensory overload comes a nagging sense that the days of three-dimensional characterization and multifaceted plot arcs have long since passed. Toriyama’s willingness to develop his villains, drum up uncertainty, and foster a spirit of adventure remains locked away in a 90s Hoi-Poi Time Capsule. Still, “Limits Super Surpassed! Ultra Instinct Mastered!!” represents Super at its best: polished fight scenes and transformations galore–a sensationalized homage to the Dragon Ball glory of yore. And, frankly, that’s good enough.

First person to make a Super Saiyan 5 joke gets kamehameha’d in the face.

Rating: B

And, please remember:

~ Don’t Shoot the Messenger




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  1. I was so shocked with Goku’s new form its really cool, but I’m more happy Vegeta got his own unique form. They should get different forms and power levels because there both different classes of Saiyans.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I liked the enhanced SS Blue form Vegeta got, but I think he’d also look really cool in Instinct Mastered form! Thanks for the comment ^_^


    1. Thanks very much! Super’s wrapping up in about two episodes, so things are heating up. I watch most of my stuff on Crunchyroll ^_^


    1. Oh, he’s definitely still lurking about, but exactly how he will contribute in the end? Not sure–I hope he doesn’t waste too much time doing whatever he’s going to do (there are only two episodes left)!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Here’s hoping for epic! Although we can’t rule out the possibility that Whis will use his time travel staff to start the whole arc over again, haha!


  2. I think whosoever decided these last few episodes had to be aired every other week needs to be fired. I feel like a junkie just waiting for my next fix of Dragon Ball Super xD

    Liked by 1 person

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