Series Review: Gundam Build Divers – Episode 7

Episode 7 – “Force Battles”

The audience learns three things from the first minute of the episode: Nerd Elf “got gud” at GBN, the next twenty minutes will revolve around “new mode” babble, and Magee’s bubble butt never quits.


Force Battles. What, you ask, comprises a Force Battle? Well, the Gunpla Triforce will happily explain, nay, force-feed such information to us poor, oppressed viewers. Skip the first seven minutes or so and heed The AniMessenger’s explanation instead: Force Battles = Team Battles. With missions. And (most likely) anthropomorphic felines.


Again, Divers insists on grinding episodes through unnecessary virtual world-building and over-elaborating on novelty modes–a video game tutorial simulator. Thus, half the episode sails by on the S.S. Tedious–the Build Divers Force kicks the action into high gear as they stare pensively at Ninjette’s covered, never-silent mouth.


After a suspenseful spate of jargon, the GBD script-writers finally decide to grace the audience’s eyeballs with some bona fide, actual, authentic virtual model kit explosionry. After Sunrise re-fortifies the maiden mech glass ceiling (the only ninja in the show pilots an SD?), this reviewer sucks in a little drool as a conga line of semi-obscure Zeon mobile suits, including a Galbald–


Yes, the best creature in anime, Weasel Commander, returns. Somehow, his character improves exponentially through his garish sipping of libations and Mustela-may-cry attitude. The episode could’ve and should’ve ended with his sudden appearance, yet it continues–standard battle fare, shivering in the looming shadow of our white-furred demi-god.

I have no words.

Divers squanders last week’s thematic potential by substituting character development with pointless expansions of its virtual rulebook. Yet the battle status quo maintains equilibrium. Even so, the winds of change, they are a-blowin’–The Winds of Weasel. May the Commander forever drink daiquiris and lounge. Lounge into eternity, you lil’ cutie.


Rating: C-

And, please remember:

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