Series Review: Darling in the FranXX – Episode 18

Episode 18 – “When the Sakura Blooms”

The Klaxxosaur Princess, Master of Decapitation, returns with a vengeance and–oh, okay, not yet. DarliFra, unable to resist, keeps viewers on the hook for one last reality show jaunt. Dearly beloved, we gather here today to celebrate the pretend union of what’s-her-face and Hiro’s ex-lover. Gee, I hope nothing terrible happens to them!


The 13s crank the adorable dial up to eleven, making make-believe nuptial-plans and choosing to ignore the fact that their dystopian overlords would rather get eaten by a Klaxxo-Dragon than allow their child-slaves even a suggestion of happiness.

looks awesome.gif

Gluttons-for-punishment ‘til the bitter end, our dumb-dumbs continue to pitch tragedy-creampuffs to Papa and the Nines. Mitsuru and Kokoro’s memory wipe surprises no one. The APErs will never stop watching and screwing with their subjects–after all their setbacks, even our sexually confused and naïve adolescents should understand this.


Of course, Ikuno’s sexy hair-let-down move and steamy half-straddle leaves Ichigo (and the viewers) thoroughly intrigued. Surprisingly, Ichigo does not protest, but rather responds with empathy and warmth (even erupting from the house holding her gal-pal’s hand). This bending of gender norms sets off no alarms at APE HQ, but the fake hetero-wedding does? Guess Blondie got some dirt on Pops.


The plot lurches forwards twice thanks to a clipped flashback and a few esoteric sentences from Cap’n APE. First: Hachi and Nana once engaged in lovey-dovey liaisons with each other and it ended with blood and tears (surprise.) Second: APE’s master plan? Live forever in some Gnostic, body-free paradise (makin’ a ton of progress).


The AniMessenger scratches his head as the script-writers continue to support sexual fluidity yet send in the dogs whenever a pair of normies want to play house. Papa chafes whenever straight kids get handsy, but his experiments, permissions, and restrictions often manifest as smokescreens and/or plot devices. Nevertheless, the narrative progresses, tiptoeing away from Mistilteinn and into a murky, horny future.


Rating: C

And, please remember:

~ Don’t Shoot the Messenger


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  1. “…continue to support sexual fluidity yet send in the dogs whenever a pair of normies want to play house”

    *Derek’s bold prediction here* I don’t think homosexual sex can lead to natural reproduction. In this regard, the APE men prolly don’t care. They were probs trying to stop Kokoro from getting knocked up. Jokes on them thoooo cuz she already engaged in premarital coitus and is possibly pregnant.

    Eden is almost certainly a biblical reference. We saw the two of them naked in the bed, so they at least got that far, right? Not too much of stretch to to say they boned (possibly poor word choice/phrasing here)…
    I outlined it marginally better in the podcast, but that’s the gist of it.

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    1. True, but, since we know all the kids were being surveilled the whole time, why didn’t they barge in before the coitus happened? If it were truly just a reproduction issue, APE would’ve stopped things much earlier, right?

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      1. Yes, and no.
        I don’t think there’s anything that specifically indicated the council watches them all the time in the bedrooms as well. It’d stand to reason that they would, but it’s not like they barged in when Zero Two nearly murdered the entire crew, and they did let the one kid escape into the city for several hours, despite seemingly ironclad surveilence and security. In fact, the APE’s didnt realllly seem aware at all until the 9’s ran crying to em about it.

        Lol Maybe dr. FranXX is just low key into that sort of vouyerism. I mean, he did design those sexually suggestive two-person FranXX units for pubescent teens to pilot, and didn’t he also smack some chick’s a$$ in like the first episode?

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  2. I also find it weird that suddenly they actually seem to care what these kids are up to given they’ve more or less done whatever for the duration of the show. Without context for why they are so alarmed at the idea of reproduction, the overkill response just seems laughable.

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  3. I’m going to agree with Karandi here. We weren’t given much, if any, context to the overkill response at the end of the episode. I put off watching episodes 16-18 because I didn’t think there was much reason to watch as the squad was given free-reign of their lives, had no contact with “superiors,” and were generally able to live as human beings.
    But as soon as they figure out what marriage is there’s an issue? What was to be expected with this experiment?
    While the question of why reproduction is harmful in their society itches at my head, I can’t understand the thought process behind some actions in any way


  4. Finally caught up on DarliFra!
    Weird show.
    For some reason they seem afraid of marriage more than babies? I would suggest that it somehow challenges their societal structure…
    Like the Ape ppl fear that marriage and emotional dependence on another human will compromise the parasites dependence on them?
    Their ego seems too massive though, so they’re not very interesting antagonists if that’s the case.
    Now I’m just hoping for some good action from this show…

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