Best/Worst Anime of All Time Part 1: Pikachu’s Winter Vacation

Imagine a world populated by elemental slave-beasts–poor, tortured animals–their dignity ground underfoot by ten-year-old tyrants. A race of brutes, their agency captured and snuffed out as the pubescent taskmasters force them into solitary confinement. Rare and burdened breaths of “freedom” come few and far between–only when the despotic youths deign to release them into a dystopian battlefield laced with pain and misery.

OVA Review: Diebuster

What do you get when you dice up a side of Gunbuster, a filet of FLCL, a quarter pound of Gurren Lagann, dollop in some Love Live! Sunshine!!, drop the mess into a blender, and press the “crush” button? A cloyingly sweet puree known as Aim for the Top 2: Diebuster.

Movie Review: Gundam Wing – Endless Waltz

Gundam Wing, better known as the robot show that came on after DBZ on Toonami, inspired enough yaoi lemon fanfiction to fill the Library of Congress ten times over. It also led to the creation of Gundam Wing: Endless Walt, a movie following a psychopath, a Satanist, a circus clown, a violinist, and a terrorist on their mission to murder a seven-year-old who assumes control of the government.