Series Review: Gundam Build Divers – Episode 4

Episode 4 – “Tigerwolf of the Sacred Mountain”

Welcome back to the world’s greatest Gundam infomercial! Let us walk, hand-in-hand, through a land of animated advertisements, panning shots of Gunpla boxes, and one-and-done characters whose existence hinges upon their mobile suits’ corresponding model kits!

heh heh.gif

Magee and his chiseled butt-cheeks direct the quartet towards their next challenge–The Quest for Tigerwolf–e.g. find a man who resembles a tiger. Or perhaps a wolf? The uncertainty surrounding their target’s furry origins straps viewers to an adrenaline rocket. Either way, our heroes receive special treatment from the top professionals in the game (they reek of Chosen Oneness) and merrily propel themselves towards Virtual World domination, champion-smashing, and cowboy hat wearing robots.


Since our cootie-infested tag-a-long survived her hazing ritual, the GBN Patriarchs give her permission to choose her own avatar: a pink cat-girl (the human version of the Haro from last week’s episode). The boys praise “Momo’s” choice of Gunpla, a Kapool–standard issue for females in the Gundam universe. Tomino forbid that Momo choose a Gundam Mk-II or something of that ilk. Stick with the SDs and girl-suits, Momoka! Keep those gender norms rigid, boys!


Finally, Tigerwolf appears–to The AniMessenger’s astonishment, he does not limit himself to a singular set of animal features, embodying both tiger and wolf. Once the titanic force of this revelation subsides, the boys (and I guess Momo too) learn the CatDog’s Toraburyu style. The chimeric martial artist then shakes the foundations of the anime world with one of the grandest quotes of all time: “You’ll be shining, like a seam line, polished down with compound.” With a few tweaks, this reviewer has a finalist for his tombstone quote.


In the end, “Tigerwolf of the Sacred Mountain” force-feeds the audience several info-nuggets:

  • Meaningless physical training in VR worlds levels up your avatar.
  • Characters can destroy a GBN mobile suit (on foot) by stabbing its neck with a dagger.
  • No chickens allowed (but all tiger/wolf hybrids welcome).
  • Combining American-sounding words = edgy character name (Daniel of Desperado, Jeff of Cheeseburger, Miranda of Meat, etc.).
  • Gunpla Sith Lords exist and enjoy sitting in dark rooms and staring at recordings of young boys (sometimes simultaneously).


Unfortunately, episode four establishes Gundam Build Divers as a bona fide “little kids show”–stripping itself of the all-ages themes that defined previous Build Fighters iterations. While the pieces in play remain relatively unchanged (champion aspirations, Gundam porn, suit customization), a layer of mundanity masks the underlying charm and spirit once oozing from the franchise’s past characters. Alas, this reviewer can only dive further into GBN’s juvenile ocean. What anthropomorphized animal pilot awaits us next week?


Rating: D++

And, please remember:

~ Don’t Shoot the Messenger


All screenshots and promotional images are the property of Sunrise, TV Tokyo, and Sotsu. The AniMessenger does not claim ownership.


  1. I was so excited for this review.

    And you are absolutely about Momo just getting a kapool. The mark two would have been an amazing choice, but giving her the Hiyaku Shiki would be more amazing. That would definitely break gender norms.

    Yeah, it’s definitely a kids show. At the moment, it’s just a thing that I watch before work while my mind is still waking up. Not that much of a recommendation…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks again for the comment ^_^ You motivate me to push through to the end!

      Haha–I would be tickled pink if Momo came out with some super-manly OP Gundam.

      And yes, if you turn off your brain (or it’s already in tune-out mode), the show’s a good wind-down watch.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. For me, Gundam Build Divers is a trainwreck — it’s horrible, but I can’t look away.

    Every time I see a new post, I have a moment of panic where I think “Oh gosh. Is it a new Build Divers review?” And yet I continue to read them. This anime a guilty pleasure, without the pleasure.

    Keep up the good work, AniMessenger.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I couldn’t agree more. It’s a messy mecha disaster every single week. Starting to feel like a masochist here, but I don’t want to miss out on any weasel-pilot action!

      Liked by 2 people

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