Series Review: Darling in the FranXX – SP1

The AniMessenger nearly faints from the shock of A-1/Trigger’s change in animation style. Enter the world of Photorealism!


The mecha-sexed showcrafters lull the audience into a false sense of security, then, just when the show builds steam, breaks out of its slice-of-life shell, and bounds across the Hellgirl Highlands, Atsuki Nishigori floats a phrase anime fans dread to hear: “Special Program.” Yes, DarliFra pulls a My Hero Academia, but this time slaps the clip-show in the season’s midpoint.


Well, in all fairness, “SP1” plays out more like a “behind the scenes” look at our flowery franchise and less like a recap. Nevertheless, the producers cram in a sizeable amount of vignettes from the past fifteen episodes just in case an audience member fell into an amnesiac stupor within the past seven days. So, The AniMessenger shall dub it a “Frankenstein Recap”–a “Frankencap,” if you will.


Instead of original animated content (an anime episode), viewers titillate themselves to the tune of DarliFra seiyuu discussing their roles. While sitting in human-sized birdcages. A quaint setting–highly conducive to un-awkwardness and the least creepy set piece available (the crew let them choose between the bird cage or Zero Two’s childhood nightmare room).


The Special Program kicks into high gear as we enter the wild, wild world of anime-to-manga adaptations. Buckle up, horn-heads, ‘cuz Papa’s pen-full of fanservice gotta go somewhere!


Finally, the ringmaster of our two-horned circus details his managerial methodology–breaking down the process in which a director ruins/redeems an anime within the course of fifteen episodes.


Fans wait, paralyzed in suspense, for the coming of “SP2”–featuring the scriptwriters rapt in conversation while simulating the Pistil/Stamen cockpit position!


Rating: F-

And, please remember:

~ Don’t Shoot the Messenger


All screenshots and promotional images are the property of A1 Pictures, Trigger, and Funimation. The AniMessenger does not claim ownership.



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