Series Review: My Hero Academia S3 – Episode 6

Episode 6 – “Roaring Upheaval”

Class 1-A continues their lesson on “how to get destroyed by villains,” this time adding in some “how to destroy yourself so the villains don’t have to.” Indeed, Shadow Hands McBird tortures himself while Beef Jerky Arm and his sidekicks take viewers on a tour of Semi-Interesting Villain Boulevard.


“Roaring Upheaval” maintains last week’s sterility–over-explained tactics with lackluster pay-offs, sermons on heroicness, and lack of narrative focus. Oftentimes the franchise’s third iteration talks the talk without walking the walk. The predicaments our heroes find themselves in spring up from a zone of arbitrariness and the strategies devised to overcome the villains seem overly complicated and pointless.


Bloody Nympho (or Bane Needle) steals the show, slowing things down with some bleedy cringe-shots and a thick cloud of creepiness. Apparently, the eternally blushing pixie enjoys needles, their ability to extract vital fluids, and said fluid’s dubious connection to romance. Alas, her stunning olfactory prowess confirms the Uraraka/Deku ship once and for all.


Overall, the villains arouse little AniMessenger interest, instead evoking memories of Team Rocket or other campy episodic goons from bygone Saturday mornings. This reviewer won’t lose sleep pondering the awesomeness of Deadpool 2 or The Washed Up Magician and his blue balls. The show’s novelty wears thin as it relaxes its world-building to focus on half-baked minor characters.


In all fairness, “Roaring Upheaval” sets up a number of interesting subplots: Bakugo’s potential struggle between herodom and villaindom, some spicy (albeit predictable) romantic tension, and the inevitable “final battle” between Dabi and the rest. Yet, so far, our pseudo-academic fight-show hasn’t found that magic formula to make its build-ups rise above the shounen status quo.


Still, the power-characters, rightly given center stage, steady the show’s teetering narrative with their undeniable appeal. When MHA limits itself to a primary “core” of actors rather than the shotgun approach, it excels both in terms of character development and exposition. C’est la vie! Keep Plussing Ultra, heroes! Maybe The AniMessenger just misses the familiarity of All Might’s beefcake bod and perfect teeth.


Rating: C+

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  1. C+, ouch. Give the students some credit. They’re stuck in the woods with Deadpool, Heat Miser, Criss Angel, an evil Office Depot employee, and a Tumblr shipper. Any worse and Thanos would show up leading an army of copyright lawyers.

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  2. The only thing that really annoys me is that so far, I could see pretty much everything coming. That wasn’t usually the case in season 1 or 2. Though what I’m wondering about is: Is that because the series’ has always been like this and we just know better by now or is it really because this arc has no other purpose but to give our heroes a power boost.

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    1. Yeah, something feels a little off so far. I think the whole “stuck in the woods with the bad guys” scenario only allows for a few outcomes. Oh well, at least we have a Manhattan Mississippi Megacannon x A Billion to look forward to!

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      1. I loved that scene^^, though I’m not sure whether or not I want to see Deku back in action right now, otherwise the consequences of battles will loose a part of their impact. If everything goes like I currently assume (I’m not reading the manga or anything), then this arc will only serve as the beginning of the “real” power boost training arc, meaning that nothing of actual, big scale consequence happens to our characters, Blowy and Crowy are rescued, everyone (minus the extras) makes it back home. I hope I’m wrong though. 😀

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      2. I was thinking the same thing with Deku! (purposefully not reading the manga) If he manages to Plus Ultra everyone out of trouble, that would be a classic power creep scenario.

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  3. Bwahahaha! I love your humor. I can see your points with the start of the season honestly. When you think about it, it’d be difficult to figure how to introduce the new villains without coming across cliché. I mean, most shounens wait to make the entrance feel like a punch… However MHA keeps doing the same thing with these villains. I want to see Deku get better but how??? How will he do it if all he’s fighting is his classmates and teachers? I’m interested to see how they pull off the rest of the season.

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